Amiga Module Player for Playbook

One of the first apps I looked for when I got my Playbook an amiga module player…  but I couldn’t find any.

So I decided it would be a fun project to write one myself..

Thankfully this was quite easy since all the hard work was already done by the creators of FLOD/FLODPRO

The hard part was getting some FTP library to work correctly..

If you have a playbook and like Amiga Music, definately check out my Modplayer on Blackberry Appworld. and let me know what you think..


p.s.  yes I Know the UI is crap 😉 if you have a better idea to search/browse over 76000 modules, I’m open for suggestions 🙂

One Response to Amiga Module Player for Playbook

  1. Would be nice to know what other people are listening to.
    Is there a way to see “most popular” modules?
    Would be nice to integrate with BBM; I think that (again) requires the app to be Native.

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