Mars re-energizes you (Mars geeft je nieuwe energie)

Client: Mars
Created at: Amercom B.V.
My work: Flash actionscript 2.0, Motioncapture
Description: For this project I developed a method of converting motioncapture data from After Effects to Flash. This was used to project the users name in the movie (in the Mars-font). The projection of the names was done using texture mapping, where I could project any image in any orientation over a video.

Unfortunately this technique was a little too ‘new’, and the company that shot the video thought that we needed still images to be able to properly project our graphics onto. Some shots look a little odd because they where artificially made into a still image.

I no longer have the final version that was featured on the website. Which means that the version you see in this video isn’t as polished as the final result was. (motiontracking was finetuned, motionblur and highlighting was used to create a more realistic looking projection)
[jwplayer mediaid=”87″ width=”640″ height=”480″]

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