No Virtual currency allowed on RIM Appworld

A little while ago, I read that you aren’t allowed to sell virtual currency on the RIM(blackberry) Appworld.

“Virtual currencies or in-app credits – The BlackBerry Payment Service does not permit the sale of digital currencies or in-app credits that can be used to purchase digital goods. Using an intermediary currency to sell digital goods can cause confusion as to what exactly is being purchased.”

That’s just rubbish isn’t it?  There’s loads of apps on IOS devices that use virtual currency, and generate a lot of revenue. But RIM is now making sure that these popular apps wont appear on the Playbook for example, and that we as developers can’t use this type of revenue in our apps.

So you won’t see popular apps like the smurf village, appearing on the playbook. and it also prevents other businesses to make apps for the playbook. No casino apps, or even Party Poker etc.

Although its not my cup of tea, I know those apps and sites are generating a lot of revenue, and I think RIM is missing out.

I’ll stop griping now 🙂

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