About: Martijn Croezen

Born and raised in Doetinchem, Martijn moved to Amersfoort in 1996 to work for Amercom (since 2010 called: Unit4 Internet Solutions) as a webdeveloper.

The next 11 years were spent creating company and campaign websites, website statistics/analysis systems, complete content management systems, Webshops, data conversion and import tools, webgames, 3d design, video editing, photographing etc..

From 2006 he started helping out the design team with Flash development and quickly became the lead developer, now focusing on Actionscript development fulltime.
On his tech blog he occasionally writes information and tutorials.

In 2010, after 13 years, Martijn left Amercom and began working for Szarafinski Beheer, where he developed apps and games in Objective C for iPad, iPhone and iPod, and Adobe Air for Blackberry Playbook and also flashdevelopment for customers.

In june 2011, Martijn joined Zigiz as a senior flash game developer where he created some of the puzzle minigames and did the final code in order to launch  Mystery Legacy, helped with bugfixing for Trycka and Earl the Squirrel and mr Pig Muddy. He also was responsible for a large part of the game framework that handles the communication between games and the Zigiz backend. (And also provided the voice for Dr. Dice)

His final project at Zigiz was the official boardgame of  (Web Multiplayer, ios and android client in as3/Flex)

In june 2013 Martijn started work as game developer at Uitgeverij Deviant B.V. where he developed the Startrekenen3d educational gaming platform (as3.0/Flex then later rewritten in typescript/html using Three.JS and PIXIjs) and is currently developing the VR-game Startrekenen VR in Unity3D using C#, instap online (typescript/PIXIjs) and another chapter for Startrekenen 3D.

When inspiration strikes, Martijn also enjoys drawing cartoons and has 2 webcomics which you can find on this site :  TinusTekent and Square&Circle.