Hi, I’m Martijn Croezen and I love making computer games.

I’m currently making educational games at Uitgeverij-Deviant.nl like Startrekenen 3d, Startrekenen VR and Startrekenen Instap Online. and a couple of internal unreleased projects.

I live together with my girlfriend Saskia and son Rein and 2 dogs in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

My interest in computers began at age 7 when my dad bought an Atari 2600. A couple of months later he also bought a Commodore 64 and got me started on programming in Basic. That’s also the time I came up with my nickname ‘Whizzkid’ (from the tv-series whiz-kids)

From Atari to C64, to Amiga (the best computer ever) and finally I spend most of my time on PC’s.

I’ve made mostly websites in the beginning of my career in Classic ASP, then switched to Flash and actionscript, dabbled in Objective C for IOS for a year, then back to actionscript, and when Flash died, I switched to Typescript and Pixi.js and Unity 3D.

Please visit my portfolio to get an idea of the stuff I’ve made in the past 27 years or so..