UPC Fasters Internetter Game

Client: UPC
Created at: Amercom B.V.
Description: A fast paced racing game. Players of this game where eligible to win a flight in a real jet fighter.
Written in Actionscript 2, I optimised the game engine as much as possible to keep the framerate high. The game would also automatically decrease its quality if a slow computer/low framerate was detected.
Graphical design: Martin Strieder
My work: Actionscript 2.0
Link : The game is still playable on this website

Kanis & Gunnink Mokpad shuffleboard game (Mokpadsjoelen)

Client: SaraLee
Created at: Amercom B.V.
Description: A “Sjoelen” (a Dutch kind of Shuffleboard) game with physics, where “Kanis & Gunnink”,the 2 stars of the Television commercials, give comments while you’re playing.
My work: Flash Actionscript 2.0
Trivia: Thats my hand you see in the game.

Prodent Arctic Whitener game

Client: Prodent
Created at: Amercom B.V.
Description: In this game the player is a a club-patron trying to pick up girls or guys.(depending on your preference) But unfortunately you have very bad breath. The player needs to pick up tubes of Prodent Arctic Whitener Toothpaste or Spheres to get rid of his bad breath before trying to get a date.
My work:Flash Actionscript 2.0

[jwplayer mediaid=”91″ width=”640″ height=”480″]

Eurocamp memorygame

Client: Eurocamp
Created at: Amercom B.V.
My work: Flash Actionscript 3.0
Description: One of my last projects at Amercom. I created the game with example graphics. After I left, the game was finished graphically by Benjamin Gouverneur and additional programming was done by Karl van Santen.
[jwplayer mediaid=”79″ width=”640″ height=”480″]