Multiplayer math game

a multiplayer math game using Colyseus.

    • 2022, Uitgeverij Deviant
    • Colyseus, typescript, pixi.js, photoshop, texturepacker
    • Uitgeverij Deviant
    • colyseus, game, multiplayer, node.js, Pixi.js, Prototype, Typescript

Using Colyseus I wrote a simple multiuser server and a small game where 2 or more players can work together solving simple math questions. To open a gate, players have to put the correct numbers in the equation. The game was made with as little data traffic as possible. Players (teachers) could create a game room, others can join using the ID of the room.

For an internal project, Deviant wanted a couple of games ‘just for fun’ and gave us quite a broad range of games to choose from, this is one of the example games I’ve built for this project.
This game is just a prototype with basic graphics, sounds and gameplay.