Mokpad sjoelen

Mokpadsjoelen, a shuffleboard-like game in Flash.

    • Amercom Pre 2010
    • Adobe Flash
    • Kanis & Gunnink
    • Flash, game, Really old

Back in 2007 For Kanis&Gunnink (a big coffee brand in Holland) we made a shuffleboard-type game using basic physics. The game also shows the 2 spokespersons for this brand (known in Holland from the tv-commercials) who watch your game and give funny coments while you play.

The game controls are (I think) very intuitive. you pick up Mokpads (Coffee pads for big mugs) and throw them using the mouse.
This way, you don’t have an abstract ‘place the pad on the board, then aim, determine speed of throw, and throw’ like you usually see in games.

The goal was to slide the pads into the little slots at the end.
There’s also a special glowing Mokpad, which is heavier, and is more slippery. Also, you can use the talkcon/chalk can, to make the board smoother, so your Mokpads don’t slow down so fast.

This game also lets you challenge a friend by E-mail, and after your friend played, you get the result back so you can put on you own little leage.

Oh and that hand you see in the game, thats mine, altered a bit to make less hairy and stuff 😛