Boogy Down

Boogy down, a bubbleshooter with a twist

    • Keesing Games/Zigis 2011-2013
    • Adobe Flash
    • Android, Flash, game, IOS

Boogy down, a bubbleshooter with a twist. The shooter is on rails and can move. automatically, or by hand (depending on which game mode you play) Unfortunately it was never released. It was nearing completion when I was transferred to the Stratego Project.

I managed to find an old backup of the source code and got it working again (flashdevelop, flex and adobe Air) so I could make this video for you 🙂

Unfortunately it was not the latest version with intro, menu screen score/highscore etc.. (I’ve added some screenshots of those)

I had also made a level editor for this game with which all levels were created as well as the level structure of the game.