Donkey kong

A Classic arcade clone of Donkey kongs first level.

    • 2023, Uitgeverij Deviant 2023
    • Typescript, Pixi.js, texturepacker, audacity
    • May 01, 2023
    • game, Pixi.js, Prototype, text, Typescript

Another little arcade game clone. This time it’s donkey kong. After making the first level (except for the hammer and flaming barrel’s)

I’ve also made larger level (2nd half of the video) with scrolling, to see if that was also fun. (not very much with this character movement)

The barrels kept rolling down the scenery correctly, so that was nice.

This is also my first time ever writing a shader. It’s used to give this game an old style crt-monitor look and feel.


For an internal project, Deviant wanted a couple of games ‘just for fun’ and gave us quite a broad range of games to choose from, this is one of the example games I’ve built for this project. This game is just a prototype with basic graphics, sounds and gameplay.

Graphics, sounds are © Nintendo, Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: YJTHQZ3H0P74USQK