Startrekenen 3D

Startrekenen3d is an award winning game in which the student has to solve math problems. Each problem is presented in a realistic way so the students can experience in what realistic setting such problems might occur. Like actually calculating a discount while shopping for clothes. Changing a recipe to fit more or less people than the original stated. etc.

    • Uitgeverij Deviant 2013-2023
    • Typescript, Pixi.js
    • Uitgeverij Deviant
    • March 05, 2014
    • game, Pixi.js, Typescript

When I started work at Uitgeverij Deviant, I made Startrekenen 3d in Flash. Working closely together with our math editorial team to create the assignments.

After Flash died and I had to remake the entire game in Typescript, using PixiJS as rendering engine.

The game world consisted of 360 degree panorama’s through which the player could navigate. Internally it used routeplanning to allow the user to quickly go to the next assignment. The main game and most mini games were configurable via a database.  It was capable of more adventuregame-like features than eventually ended up in the released version. But because every player should be able to complete the game, regardless if the assignments were completed correctly or not, stuff like ‘this door is closed until you finish assignment X’ could not be used.

Every chapter contained approximately 30 mini games. Some of the more interesting ones I’ve put in the video’s below.

Startrekenen 3D won the NOT-visitors choice awards in 2013

Below you will find 4 examples video’s of all the chapters. For chapter 1 all games were already planned. In the following chapters I had more influence on the design of the games and was able to gamify the excercises a little more.

The main restriction for a game in Startrekenen 3D was that everyone MUST be able to finish a game. The math problem at the end was the most important part of the excercise..

Startrekenen 3D chapter 1

Startrekenen 3D chapter 2

Startrekenen 3D chapter 3
My collegue Gerrit joined the Startrekenen 3D team as developer. The examples in the video show only stuff made by me.

Startrekenen 3D chapter 4

Unfortunately this chapter was never finished.

In this video you’ll see a visual scripting bit resembling Googles blockly. But it only LOOKS like blockly. It was completely written from scratch by me in Typescript using Pixi.js. I tried to make it look like blockly, because it’s a tried and proven concept. 🙂


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