Wordle? Lingo!

A basic wordle clone

    • 2022, Uitgeverij Deviant
    • Typescript, Pixi.js
    • Uitgeverij Deviant
    • game, Pixi.js, Prototype, Typescript

Everyone was talking about wordle.. which is basically the old tv game called Lingo. which is basically mastermind with words. So I made a wordle clone for use in Uitgeverij Deviant’s Studiereader portal. It used the dutch opentaal wordlist, which unfortunately containes LOTS of incorrect Dutch words. But when this was going to be used in Studiereader, editors could provide their own word lists ofcourse.

For an internal project, Deviant wanted a couple of games ‘just for fun’ and gave us quite a broad range of games to choose from, this is one of the example games I’ve built for this project.
This game is just a prototype with basic graphics, sounds and gameplay.